You've Got Questions? We've Got Answers!
-What are Sorb•ables exactly?
Sorb•ables are fitted sheets made for crib and toddler sized mattresses. Our patent pending design is unique in that, our sheets are fitted to the mattress. Not just a pad that can shift with movement, or leave a sticky film on your traditional linens. Also Sorb•ables sheets have both an absorbent layer and a waterproof layer that prevents leaks. Once the sheet becomes soiled, simply take it off, toss in the trash, and put on a new one. *We suggest wiping down the mattress with a disinfectant wipe, but this step is optional.
-What are the sheets made of?
Our fitted sheets are made of hypoallergenic, disposable materials. Sorb•ables sheets are gentle enough for your little ones skin, while also being bio-degradable. (specifically; viscose, polyester & polyethylene)
-Is this a single use product?
Yes and No. Once the sheet has become soiled it should be thrown in the trash. However, if the sheet does not become soiled, it is good for about 5-7 sleeps before it starts to look unkempt. 
-Will there be other sizes/colors?
Yes! We plan to expand Sorb•ables to include larger sizes, colors and even other products. Please stay tuned or join our mailing list for updates. 
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